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Facts and information about radio's value, technological leadership and bright future.

RAB's Advertiser Channel
Get the latest facts about radio's younger listeners.

NAB's Stop the Radio Tax Campaign
Learn about efforts underway in Congress to tax local radio and how you can help prevent it.

Thank you for supporting the Radio Heard Here campaign! The campaign to remind listeners what they love most about free, local radio was incredibly successful.

  • More people than ever are listening to radio – 245 million Americans!
  • 94% of Americans report that radio is an important part of their daily lives.
  • Listeners have more content choies than ever with over 2,000 HD radio stations and 7,000 radio stations across the country streaming online.
  • Free, local radio is accessible anywhere you are – in your car, on your laptop, on your iPad and coming soon to your mobile phone!

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